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Baldwin City Players Premier a Success – Thank You Baldwin City! 

It takes a village – literally, a community – to pull off community theatre productions. We thank the cast, the crew, the organizations and our AMAZING AUDIENCES for the successful inaugural production of the Baldwin City Players this past weekend. The play, Lucy Sweet Sullivan & The Petticoat Council, was written by Jennifer Glenn with grant support from the Douglas County Heritage Conservation Council. The play was one of several activities  – including the Lucy Sullivan Guided Walking Tour – that was funded to inform and engage the community about our Baldwin City heroine, Lucy Sullivan, as part of celebrating Baldwin City’s Sesquicentennial. Lucy Sweet Sullivan & the Petticoat Council embodies the themes of working together, bridging community, supporting one another, leadership, and partnership that resonates today to build a vibrant, healthy and sustainable Baldwin City.

Baldwin City Players brings back community theatre to Baldwin City through partnership between Baker University and the Lumberyard Arts Center. If you’d like to be part of Baldwin City Players, send an email to or call the arts center at 785-594-3186.

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