Barbara Bailey

Brief info

Barbara Bailey describes herself as an art appreciator which she says is necessary when there are so many artists around. Her husband, Walt, is a retired Baker University Professor of Art. Her sister is an art therapist and her mother was a lover of various crafts. Barbara grew up in Tulsa Oklahoma and had the opportunity to frequently visit two excellent, nationally recognized art museums, both places of beauty and inspiration leaving a lasting impression on her life. She has never traveled to a city without visiting the art museums in the city. She has a degree from Baker University and a Masters in Social Work from KU. Once she retired from her medical social work career, she took on several volunteer opportunities including volunteering at the Lumberyard Arts Center. She says it is exciting to see the variety of art work done in this community and to witness people who have never done so experimenting with their own art. She still sees her role as an appreciator, although she has one watercolor painting to her credit.