A new exhibit opened at the Lumberyard Arts Center, Tuesday, January 5 featuring personal photographs taken by Walt Bailey with the theme, “There’s Always More…Keep Looking.” 

“The show is about learning,” explains Walt. A 1962 Baker University graduate and member of Baker’s faculty hall of fame, Walt explains that his foray into photography began because “students would ask me to explain a photographic quality or process. Since I was unprepared to fully answer these questions, it became clear that I would have to learn and study to feel more adequately informed.” Subsequently, Walk immersed himself in study, practice and the application of aesthetic ideas he gained from drawing, painting and printmaking classes. With grant funding, he was able to work with photographers in Provence as well as engage in classes at Ghost Ranch, located in New Mexico. 

Walt invites the community to view the twenty-six photographs on display and to “keep looking.” Patrons may write questions to Walt as part of the exhibit experience. In addition, the arts center will be featuring information on our social media sites about specific images featured in the exhibit to keep our community learning. The exhibit is open to the public through January 30 during public hours, Tuesday & Thursday 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm and Saturday, 9:00 am – noon. Check out lumberyardartscenter.org and follow us on Facebook. 


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